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Why Mazin's interview was cancelled: PSC Press Statement SABC/SAFM

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 "A steadfast way towards liberation" December 7th, 2012

 Access to worship in Jerusalem! by Yusef Daher

 Inheritance of Abraham

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 SodaStream "treats us like slaves," says Palestinian factory worker by Stephanie Westbrook, The Electronic Intifada

 American media distortion on Palestine by Alison Weir

 Israel coined the term "Nakba" and is still implementing it by Ilan Pappe

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Joint Open Letter to the Israeli Knesset

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Global Kairos:

Kairos Palestine-Netherlands

Kairos USA

Kairos Southern Africa

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Action Alerts:

 Fighting in his Deathbed

Nature of incidents

Letter to President Barak Obama

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Fact sheets:

Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land

Views of the Israeli Public on Israeli Security and Resolution of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

The Bethlehem Pack 2011

The Right to Water - A Policy of Denial and Forced Displacement in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

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 Contribution à la Paix (booklet from the Commission Church in the Society of the United Protestant Church in Belgium)

 The Israel-Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is pleased to announce the release of a 24-page booklet that includes the Kairos document and a three-week congregational study plan for Kairos. Read more

Kairos Guide

Handbook on Israeli Apartheid by Stephan Lendman

Middle East Monitoring Group releases Kairos study guide by Sharon Youngs, Communications Coordinator

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Study Books:

Come and See: A Call from Palestinian Christians
A journey for peace with Justice
Guidelines for Christians Contemplating a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

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World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel 2014

 Palestine & Palestinians

Voices from the South, January 2012

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Relevant Links:

Wenn ein Glied leidet - Leiden alle Glieder mit?
Eine Argumentationshilfe zur Auseinandersetzung um das Kairos-Palaestina-Dokument

Kairos Response

UMs' Holy Land Task Force

 Human Rights and Business on the go

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Easter Alerts:

 Kairos Palestine Easter Alert 2014 (English, French)

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Christmas Alerts:

 Kairos Palestine Christmas Alerts 2014

 Kairos Palestine Christmas Alerts 2013

  Kairos Palestine Christmas Alert 2012

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Statements received from organizations:

Quaker organizations

Coalition of Women for Peace – September 18

Sabeel Statement

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Books and other Kairos documents:

Kairos for Global Justice

Palestinian Christians - Ongoing forcible displacement and dispossession… until when?

Expulsions et expropriations continuelles des chrétiens palestiniens... Jusqu'a quand?

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Letters from the heads of churches in Jerusalem:

Patriarchs and Heads of Local Churches in Jerusalem
Statement: A Response to the Violence Against Christians in Baghdad

Christmas message from the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

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Kairos Documents:

Kairos documents from around the world
The Kairos Documents
Kairos document overview

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Palestine Update:

 Palestine Update: Edition 2, No. 88

 Palestine Update: Edition 2, No. 87

 Palestine Update: Edition 2, No. 86

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Human Rights and International Law:

Resolution 312: Opposition to Israel settlements in Palestinian Land

Resolution 292: Holy Lan Tours

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The Nakba documentation on Al Jazeera

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Life with Dignity: Kairos Palestine 5th Anniversary
From December 2–4, 2014, over 250 participants from Palestine and many other countries gathered in Bethlehem to commemorate the 5th anniversary of “A Moment of Truth: A Word of Faith, Hope, and Love from the Heart of Palestinian Suffering,” known as Kairos Palestine.

Kairos Palestine International Conference
To celebrate Kairos Palestine’s fifth anniversary of launching the document “A Moment of Truth”, we, in partnership with PIEF (Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum) and ATG (Alternative Tourism Group) will be holding an international conference and a series of events from December 2-6 2014, in Bethlehem.

Come and See: A Call from Palestinian Christians
A journey for peace with Justice Guidelines for Christians Contemplating a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land