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News from Global Kairos


In solidarity with Palestinians a service was conducted by Archbishop Michael Stephen from Nigeria, Ibadan

Kairos SA requesting full sanctions against Israel


Letter from Kairos South Africa to Kairos Palestine on their 4th Anniversary

Kairos Palestine-Netherlands

Kairos USA

Kairos Southern Africa

Kairos Brazil

Kairos Britain

Kairos Britain statement

Kairos Palestine: Resistance, Reclamation, Reconciliation. Why this focus on "Palestine"?

Statement on Christian presence and witness in the Middle East

Past due: Sixty-five years and the ongoing Nakba

National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) statement regarding the release of the Bishops


South African’s rally behind people of Palestine, nationwide protests planned this week

A speech by the General Secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions. The biggest labor formation and part of the trio-partite alliance with ANC in government

The Republic of South Africa government’s response to the present killing of people in Gaza

Coalition for a Free Palestine Launch Declaration

 Press Release: BADIL and Kairos Palestine

People's Reporter: Volume 25, Issue 14
Call for Costly Solidarity (Page 1)
End occupation and ensure justice (Page 3)

 A Message from “A Theological Consultation on Kairos-Palestine”

Palestinians Seek Indian Support to End Suffering

 Palestinians seek support to end suffering

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 Similarities drawn between Hindutva, Zionism in Palestine issue

Please see below some articles about (or referring to) our recent open letter to the ACDP and Rev Meshoe
The articles are:
South African party rapped for Israel support, lack of criticism
Southern African Kairos Ministry
Christians, Zulus join South Africa march for Israel by Jeremy Gordin
Israeli anger at South Africa labelling goods 'Made In Palestine' by Kev Hedges


The Concept of Kairos – A biblical - theological approach

What's next?

Reclaiming the good news of the Holy Land and the imperative of interfaith solidarity to resist empire: A Philippine Theological response to Kairos Palestine

Towards an Emmaus Experience: An Indian Response to Kairos Palestine

Can the Church in Swaziland, Palestine or Anywhere In the World Afford To Be Silent?

Canadian Realities and Responses – A Presentation to the Kairos Palestine Meeting

Kairos Consciousness

Kairos Palestine, 8 December 2011

Our frame: words and images of hope

Presentation to Kairos Conference, 7/12/11. Warren Bardsley (UK)

Russell Tribunal on Palestine: Cape Town 5-6 November 2011

Theological and Contextual Perspectives: Communities of Resistance and Solidarity by Pauline Coffman, from the Kairos USA group

To Hold the Sky and Identify with Jesus

What is a Kairos Document? Presentation at Kairos for Global Justice Encounter, Bethlehem, December 7, 2011 by Mark Braverman

Peace Not Walls by Julie Brenton Rowe

Excerpts form the introductory words of Rifat Odeh Kassis, Kairos Palestine Coordinator in “Kairos for Global Justice Conference” 04-10 December 2011 in Bethlehem, Palestine

Consolidating a Brazilian response to Kairos Palestine

"Kairos for Global Justice" program

Life with Dignity: Kairos Palestine 5th Anniversary
From December 2–4, 2014, over 250 participants from Palestine and many other countries gathered in Bethlehem to commemorate the 5th anniversary of “A Moment of Truth: A Word of Faith, Hope, and Love from the Heart of Palestinian Suffering,” known as Kairos Palestine.

Kairos Palestine International Conference
To celebrate Kairos Palestine’s fifth anniversary of launching the document “A Moment of Truth”, we, in partnership with PIEF (Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum) and ATG (Alternative Tourism Group) will be holding an international conference and a series of events from December 2-6 2014, in Bethlehem.

Come and See: A Call from Palestinian Christians
A journey for peace with Justice Guidelines for Christians Contemplating a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land