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Letter from the Office of Justice, Peace and Development to the External Affairs Minister in India requesting them to stop building a wall against the international law on the land of 58 Christian families in the Cremisan Valley

Letter from the Office of Justice, Peace and Development to the Palestinian Embassy requesting them to stop building a wall against the international law on the land of 58 Christian families in the Cremisan Valley

Letter from the Office of Justice, Peace and Development to the Embassy of Israel requesting them to stop building a wall against the international law on the land of 58 Christian families in the Cremisan Valley


World Week for Peace for Palestine Israel 22 - 28 September 2013

A Call From Jerusalem: Political Solution, Not Military Intervention

JAI Call for Peace and Justice in the Middle East Region

AFRICA/EGYPT - The Coptic Patriarchate: No One can Justify War Under the Pretext of Defending the Christians

Attacks against Christian properties and churches by Israelis

Kairos Palestine Denounces Attempts To Recruit Christians by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News

Palestine’s Christians Condemn Plans to Displace Naqab Bedouins

Foreign Dispatch: Pilgrims, Peace and Palestine

Two Christan Peace Makers Denied Entry By Israel

Kairos Palestine Strongly Condemns 'Price Tag' Attack on Jerusalem's Dormition Abbey

State Dept. urges ‘freedom of worship’ after Easter charges against Israel

Palestinian Christians protest Israeli permit regime during Palm Sunday procession

ELCJHL Unanimously Accepted Into World Council of Churches

Church in Jordan and the Holy Land becomes WCC member

Kairos Palestine welcomes the recent alert from the United Methodist to avoid SodaStream products


Interview for Brazilian Publication about Israel and Palestina (Jesuit University Unisinos) in Portuguese

S. African Chrurch Delegation Returns from Occupied Palestine

South African Church Delegation shocked by Israeli Apartheid ‘ambush'

Palestine overwhelms clergy

Christian leaders disturbed by visit to Palestine

SA church leaders: Israel violating laws

SA church delegates visit Palestine

Kairos Palestine – A Moment of Truth

News from St Andrew’s Church, Lisbon

The Alliance of Baptists discussed a statement responding to the Kairos Palestine document

Peace and Justice in the Holy Land – North East Conference to remember

Bishop urges boycott of Israeli goods

Friends of Bethlehem University in Ireland examine the struggles in occupied Palestine
Visit includes meeting with the President of Ireland

Religious leaders in the USA demand US AID to Israel be contingent on Israel's compliance with applicable U.S. laws and policies

Coalition for a Free Palestine Launch Declaration

 Judge rules Rachel Corrie, friend of terrorists, responsible for her own death

People's Reporter: Volume 25, Issue 14
Call for Costly Solidarity (Page 1)
End occupation and ensure justice (Page 3)

 Palestinians Seek Indian Support to End Suffering

 Press Release: Indian Solidarity Ecumenical Network- Palestine

 Palestinians seek support to end suffering
See photos

 Similarities drawn between Hindutva, Zionism in Palestine issue

A Message from “A Theological Consultation on Kairos-Palestine”

Kairos Palestine Third Youth Conference under the title “Together, the youth respond to the call”

‘Israel occupying Palestine is against Christianity’

No easy victories: Presbyterian Church USA divestment measure loses by only two votes

Convention to consider resolutions on Israeli-Palestinian conflict by Matthew Davies

Press release: UNESCO votes Palestinian Church of Nativity Church a World Site Heritage

South African party rapped for Israel support, lack of criticism

Ex-Israeli soldiers holidaying in Goa are dehumanised

Israeli soldiers partying in Goa are dehumanised

Goa church rues shrinking Christian numbers in Israel

Goa Church: Israeli tourists ‘dehumanised’

Kairos Palestine Welcomes the Recent Decision of the Quaker

Don’t Let Mahmoud Sarsak Die – Act Now!*

Kairos USA event held at Stony Point Center
Skype call from Bethlehem kicks off the event

South Africa, Denmark and Switzerland to correctly label Israeli settlement products

The Palestinian Summer Celebration 2012

Quakers Divest from Caterpillar!
“Quaker Friends Fiduciary Corporation (FFC), which holds over $200 million in assets, has divested from Caterpillar! FFC divested $900,000 in shares of Caterpillar, which continues to feel the pressure from all sides for its production and sale of weaponized bulldozers to Israel, used to violate Palestinian rights and destroy Palestinian homes, schools, hospitals, olive groves, and lives”.

Demonstration Outside 10 Downing Street on Nakba Day: No Injustice Will Last Forever by Karen Dabrowska
(The Tripoli Post correspondent in London)

Kairos Palestine Commends the United Methodist Church for its Steps towards a Just Peace

’60 Minutes’ report on Palestinian Christians gets it wrong

Change Is in the Air as Methodists Vote on Divestment

The Voice of the Holy Land Christians

Israeli Ambassador calls head of CBS News

Desmond Tutu supports United Methodist Church decision to divest

Message to Methodists: ‘Vote for Divestment. Vote for Human Rights’

'60 Minutes' chides Israeli envoy for interfering in segment

U.S Turns Funding Off, Punishes Palestine’s Christians

Christian Palestinians: Israel 'manipulating facts' by claiming we are welcome

Imminent threat of mass demolitions in the Palestinian village of Susiya – An urgent appeal

Kairos Palestine responds to Ambassador Michael Oren

Kairos Palestine: Israeli Ambassador Manipulates Christian Reality

Christian leaders: Israeli ambassador 'masks reality'

WCC pays tribute to late president Pope Shenouda III

Convocation of Peacemakers

Book Launching: “The Land of Christ: A Palestinian Cry” by Dr. Yohanna Katanacho

The 2012 Hosanna preaching prize

Media Release: 8th Annual International Israeli Apartheid Week 2012

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) has extended congratulations to Palestinian Lutheran pastor Rev. Dr Mitri Raheb on winning the 2011 “Deutscher Medienpreis” (German Media Prize)

Badil and Zochrot Examine the Practicalities of Refugee Return Post-Apartheid

KAIROS Canada: Canadian Gov't must urge Israel to resume peace talks within international law

An open letter in response to the statement of Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, International Custodian of the Holy Land/Head of all Franciscans

Youth longing for peace in the Arab world

Israeli military order against a Staff member of the East Jerusalem YMCA Rehabilitation program in Beit Sahour

Christ at the Checkpoint - March 2012

Announcing Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb of Bethlehem, Palestine as Winner of the International Award “Deutscher Medienpreis” for 2011

WCC general secretary recalls anti-apartheid movement


Philippine response to Kairos Palestine: A time to end silence

Churches in the Middle East re-affirm their commitment to peace

Al-Liqa’ Center for Religious and Heritage Studies in the Holy Land The international conference of Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth

PNGO Reminds WHO that Jerusalem is under Belligerent Occupation

Last call to Durban: “Beyond Numbers: A call for social, economic and climate justice in tourism”

Yesterday morning at around 5 o'clock, the Israeli army demolished a house in the Area C village of Ras, near Idhna, west of Hebron. The house, containing 2 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, belonged to Jamal Jiawi. He lived there with his wife and his children, and one brother. The family did not know beforehand that the house would be demolished this day. The house was built without a permit, which the Israeli authorities almost never grant to Palestinians in Area C, some 62% of the West Bank.
Four high resolution photos are available for free download

Reverend Allan Boesak calls Israeli apartheid "more terrifying" than South Africa ever was Dr. Hanan Chehata

BDS movement’s strength shown by pro-Israel groups launching defensive "BUYcott" days by Adri Nieuwhof

Palestinian Freedom Riders Challenge Israeli Apartheid

AEI-Open Windows and Pax Christi Call for Peace Stories
Stories of Peace for Advent and Christmas in Bethlehem 2011

The Israeli Authority escalate its closure campaign against the Palestinian local NGOs in Jerusalem

The Russell Tribunal On Palestine: Cape Town Session Summary Of Findings

Canadian Presbyterian Moderator leads delegation to Middle East

MC USA responds to appeal from Palestinians

Invitation to Olive Planting Program 2012

Christians pray for halt to wall in Bethlehem

The ICCJ – Kairos Palestine Conversation

Shaviv: KAIROS’s agenda disqualifies it from public funding By Gidon Shaviv

Re: "KAIROS's agenda disqualifies it from public funds," Gidon Shaviv, Opinion, Nov. 3.

Israel to Palestine: "You are Damned if You Do, and Damned if You Don't"

Christian leaders say yes to Palestine U.N. membership

Dr. Ron Stone to address Presbytery on Kairos Palestine document

WCC continues to support Egyptian churches in their quest for peace

Bishop Younan Releases Statement of Prayer and Concern for the People of Egypt

Bible, Land, and our Theological Challenge: A Presbyterian Conversation

WCC sees opportunity for peace in Palestine's UN application

Book of the month-This week in Palestine

A new guide to Christian non-violent resistance

A prayer evening on the International Day of Prayer for Peace

Archbishop Attallah Hanna meets the Sri Lankan Representative

Keeping Hope Alive interview with Rifat Kassis by Alison Atkinson-Phillips

Presbyterian Church committee recommends church divest from Caterpillar, HP and Motorola over Israeli human rights abuses by Adam Horowitz on September 13, 2011

J&P Commission urges London boroughs to stop dealing with Veolia

Fair Witness Commends the ELCA Churchwide Assembly for Adopting a Productive Stance on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Clergy welcome scholars at annual theological conference

A Letter of Gratitude and Solidarity from Kairos Palestine

EAPPI News Summer 2011

Simon Wiesenthal Center tactics are shameless

Christian presence in the Middle East: theological and political challenges

Runder Tisch mit Ministerpräsident Matthias Platzeck und Vertretern der palästinensisch-christlichen Zivilgesellschaft

Letter to President Obama Urging Bold, Concrete, and Immediate Action for Peace

World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel
29 May - 4 June 2011
Joint action for just peace convened by the World Council of Churches
Summary of events that took place during World Week for Peace 2011 at our website,

Naim Ateek and Rifat Kassis response to Rowan Wiliams

Middle East Monitoring Group releases Kairos study guide by Sharon Youngs, Communications Coordinator

Expressing deep concern for, and solidarity with the imprisoned population of Gaza

Knesset c'tee approves bill outlawing boycotts on Israel by Lahav Harkov

Christians Flee Holy Land in Mass Modern Exodus
Dateline Jerusalem: Christian Trail of Tears on the Move While Archbishop of Canterbury Plays Blame Game by Eileen Fleming

Keeping hope alive: Rifat Kassis, a prominent Palestinian community leader and Christian, talks about the conflict in his homeland by Alison Atkinson-Phillips

Archbishop of Canterbury Reprimanded by Angry Holy Land Christians "We need advocates for the truth," they tell him by Stuart Littlewood

Why Christians leave Bethlehem - A response to the Archbishop of Canterbury by Greg Wilkinson

The Christian EXODUS from the Holy Land and the Archbishop of Canterbury misses the mark

Hemorrhage of Christians from Bethlehem – Muslims to blame, says Archbishop of Canterbury by Bernard Kilroy

PC (USA) Middle East Monitoring Group releases Kairos Palestine Study Guide
A guide with basic tools for often difficult discussions

Campaigners protest over Dr Rowan William's comments on Bethlehem

The Secretariat of Catholic schools decided to adopt KAIROS PALESTINE document in the curriculum of the secondary schools to teach our students the meaning of Hope, Faith, Love and Resistance from the midst of Palestinian suffering

Trip to Israel/Palestine gave insight to local minister about conflict by Garit Reid

Worldwide action for peace in Palestine and Israel coming up

Palestinian agreement sign of hope Tveit says

Pax Christi Germany will be holding a conference on the theme "Time to Adapt: Consequences of the Kairos Palestine Document" at the Evangelical Academy Bad Boll during 20-22 May

Palestynse Christene besoek Teologie

Kairos Palestine Document in South Africa

The Kairos document portrait

The YWCA of India in Solidarity with the Palestinian Cause

A Just Peace for Palestine update: Easter 2011

Candle light vigil to support Palestinian Christians

Quakers to boycott products from Israeli settlements

Messages from a Broken Land – Kairos Palestine: A Mother’s Voice

The Voice of the Cape
Palestinian clerics coming

Delhi prays for Palestine’s Christians
Church leaders and political leaders mark Palm Sunday with solidarity vigil

URGENT ACTION APPEAL: End a Month of Collective Punishment in Awarta

Delegation of Palestinian Christians visit Cape Town – Bring Message of Love, Struggle and Solidarity

Kairos Palestine statement on religious rights

Kairos Palestine Delegation Visit to Claremont Mosque in Argus, Cape Town

Position of the Local Palestinian Christian community on Restrictions on Religious Rights (and especially during Holy Week)

Message from peace for life to the South Africa Kairos conference

Media release issued by Kairos Southern Africa – 31 March 2011
Kairos Southern Africa and Kairos Palestine Encounter

KAIROS PALESTINE: a challenge to the church?
Programme - Stellenbosch

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) ENDS ISRAELI LINKS - Historic moment for boycott of Israel movement

Kairos Palestine Coodinator hits back against unfair criticism on WCC and Kairos Palestine

Letter to President Obama by US-based Christian coalition

A FORMER Israeli ambassador to South Africa has pointedly resigned from the foreign service, citing the collapse of apartheid South Africa as an important lesson for modern-day Israel

"Kairos Call - A moment of truth"
"Be in solidarity with Palestinians"
- Call to Indian churches

U.S. church leaders call for new Middle East peace efforts
New York (ENInews)--Nearly two dozen U.S. Christian leaders are calling on the Obama administration to renew diplomatic efforts to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
"With rapid change underway in the Arab world we believe that the time to act is now -- before events make the task of reaching an agreement more difficult," said 20 leaders of Anglican, Protestant, Roman Catholic and Orthodox denominations in a 7 March letter to President Barack Obama. [367 words, ENI-11-0118]

Michel Nseir and Rifat Kassis led a conference for church leaders, activists and theologians in Bangalore, India
Palestinian advocacy campaign brought to churches in India

Kairos Palestine Document: a call for Faith, Hope and Love

WCC says US made mistake on recent UN resolution veto

The 'Illegal' Bishop of Jerusalem and the Christian EXODUS from the 'Holy' Land
Eileen Fleming
"If God would speak today he would say, 'I am fed up with your religion!' The more religion there is; the less spirituality” - Reverend Dr. Mitri Raheb, Pastor in Bethlehem since 1988

Rifat Kassis, Kairos Palestine coordinator: slams Churches’ silence on Palestine

World Council of Churches critiques US on Israeli settlements

Faith, hope, and love- towards justice & reconciliation in the Holy Land

Kairos Palestine thanks Westminster J&P for their support

The AIC joins Kairos Palestine in saying to the Chilean miners: "we urge you to remember that Israel is skilled and experienced at exploiting other people's suffering. We hope you will not permit them to exploit yours." Israeli authorities barred entrance to representatives of the Alternative Information Center (AIC) and independent journalists from a press conference being held in West Jerusalem with the visiting Chilean miners.
Read more

Come visit Palestine July 8

Westminste​r J&P urges churches to endorse Kairos Palestine document

Kairos Canada, a church-based aid organization, was cut off from federal funding in 2009 because it was confused with Kairos Palestine

Army makes fifty homeless in Jordan Valley demolitions

Quakers in Britain consider Palestinian call for boycott

United Church of Canada sends factfinding delegation to Jerusalem

Mark Thomas: "My career is built out of the smell of burned bridges"
There were people from the "Stop the Wall" campaign, organisers from Jordan Valley, people who do tree planting and the Christians who issued the Kairos Palestine document, which is an answer to the people who say, "God gave us the land." When the Christians get it right, they do it really well!

The annual Holy Land Coordination (HLC) HLC has never formally mentioned Kairos Palestine

Kairos Palestine Document, published in late 2009 by Palestinian Christians, speaks of the settlements policy as one in which “human beings are destroyed, and this must be of concern to the whole Church

Fr. Jamal Daibes said, "God is not a landlord, and the Bible is not an ideology."

Kairos Palestine (a plea from Christian Palestinians)

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity draws attention to Jerusalem

OPGAI Meeting Brings Together Palestinian Political Forces and the Kairos Initiative

Tzipi Livni cancels trip to SA

Israeli activists call on BT to disconnect from the occupation

Israel Academics to Boycott College

Celebrating the Lord's Baptism in the Holy Land

CNN Inside the Middle East ....A minority!!! that will never disappear

Anniversary of Christian Palestinians’ Word to the World | Kairos Palestine Document

Bishop Younan Releases Statement Denouncing Violence Agaist Coptic Christians in Egypt


WCC condemns attack on church in Alexandria

Philippine conference launches interfaith forum for Palestine

The Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted at its annual meeting to join the international boycott of goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)

Kairos Palestine document is on A South African Mosque website

Christians and Muslims call for mutual commitment to justice

Racism on the rise...and fire takes over Jerusalem

Extremist Settlers Burn Jerusalem Church

Call in Norway for an academic and cultural boycott of the state of Israel

Archbishop Atallah Hanna leaves to the United Stated of America to give series of lectures about Kairos Palestine document to a number of religious institutions. He will also meet Church leaders and UN in New York city.

Presbyterian Mission Network Joins BDS, Calls for Boycotts, Supports Kairos

Israel Threatens Churches

Mideast Synod's Concluding Statement

Vatican body asks UN to 'end Israeli occupation'

Thousands of families of all faiths lived in the Holy land prior to the establishment of Israel in the late 1940's

Abbas welcomes Vatican call to end occupation

“According to the Jerusalem Post” Anti-Israel church book is presented at a Vatican synod accuses Israel of apartheid and calls for systematic boycott


Vatican body asks UN to end Israeli occupation

H.B.Michel Sabbah presents "Kairos Palestine"

Dear Survivors of the Chilean Mine Trap, please do not accept Israel's invitation

Gush Shalom: An extreme right racist militia is active in Carmiel, supported by the municipality and with the approval of the police

BDS Victory: Veolia Sells Shares in Jerusalem Light Rail

French Consulate protest over France's political show-trials; Cases spectacularly thrown out!

Legal concerns about the OECD Tourism Conference to be held in Jerusalem this October from ”Right to Enter” campaign

OECD letter to New Zealand Prime Minister

Illinois Methodists vote to divest from the occupation by Adam Horowitz

OECD chief warns: Jerusalem conference could be canceled

Kairos Palestine to be Submitted to Vatican on 19 October

Australian Jews condemn Israel's violations of international law

Vatican's 'Special Middle East Assembly' set to begin; Monsignor Michel Sabbah will present "Kairos Palestine"

U.K., Spain to boycott OECD tourism conference because it's in Jerusalem
Palestinians pressure Europe to shun October conference on sustainable tourism, which normally takes place in Paris

EAPPI News, October 2010

Nora Carmi introduced the Kairos Palestine document on Tuesday 28 September in the World Council of Churches’ UN Advocacy Week now taking place in Geneva

Gaza panel calls for freedom from the “prison” of territorial isolation by Theodore A. Gill

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) senate on Wednesday voted not to continue its link with Israel's Ben Gurion University (BGU), unless certain conditions are met.

Dutch Advertising Standards Authority says Israeli Tourism Office misleads tourists

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mairead Maguire Detained and Refused Entry to Israel

Boycott Israeli Occupation! Boycott Ahava! Protest at Cavendish Square 02 October 2010

Bishop Attallah Hanna’s visit was harassed by the Israeli Ambassador to Bulgaria
During a visit by Bishop Attallah Hanna to the Church and the state of Bulgaria , Israel threatens the town councils hosting events for His Grace, by sending a letter where unfounded accusations were made at His Grace claiming He had relations with “Terrorist” organizations and that He had called for attacks on Jews. Bishop Attallah denied all these accusations. This letter is considered an intimidation by Israel to the Church and the state. It puts His grace under the threat of attack at any time. It is targeting not only Palestinians but Bulgarians too

Note: Attached is a copy of the letter from the Embassy and the translations in English and Arabic
Click here to view the original letter from the Embassy

IPSC commends Irish Government success in freezing transfer of EU citizen data to Israel

Palestinian Civil Society Urges the EU to Base its Relations with the Palestinian Authority on Respect for Human Rights

Former Spanish PM Aznar launches pro-Israel lobby

If you are interested in signing this letter, please send your name (or name of organization) to Kairos Palestine until 8pm on Wednesday 15 September 2010

Churches seek just, inclusive peace in Palestine and Israel

WCC delegation seeks just and inclusive peace in Palestine and Israel

UK Embraces the Boycott

Norway Divests from Leviev Companies Due to Israeli Settlement Construction

Christians, Jews meet over boycott

Stephen Sizer: In this historic document, KAIROS PALESTINE, we Palestinian Christians declare that the military occupation of our land is a sin against God and humanity

Israel: Withdraw Legislation Punishing Human Rights Activists

World Lutheran leader offers support to Palestinian Christians

Kairos Palestine sent a congratulation letter to the new president of the Lutheran World Federation, Bishop Munib Younan

The Methodist Church’s decision to boycott produce from illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory has been supported by both the United Church of Canada the World Council of Churches (WCC)

 Methodist Church launches boycott of Israeli goods By Sara Asaria

 Studying Kairos

 Tourism in Palestine..

 National Council of Churches in Australia considers boycott

ICCJ Pleads "Let Us Have Mercy upon Words" When Discussing Middle East

 Palestinian bishop elected to lead Lutheran Church

 Interview with his Eminence Archbishop Theodosios “Atallah Hanna” Archbishop of Sebastia Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Of Jerusalem

 U.S. Presbyterians urge government to end Israel aid over settlements

 Anglican Archbishop Makgoba tells Middle East to Pursue Dialogue and Learn the Lessons of the TRC

 Report on Presbyterian General Assembly

 Mission Network Praises Presbyterian Call to Withdraw Military Aid to Israel

 Contemporary Palestine, Living reality and advocating for change. Meeting with Rifat Kassis and Constantine Dabagh

 Palestinian community leaders arrive in Australia

 NGO roundtable forum on Palestine & Israel, Melbourne 13 July

 Archbishop Hickey and Bishop Sproxton Meet Mr Rifat Kassis

 Australia, Canberra: Rifat Kassis and Constantine Dabbagh "Voices from the Holy Land Palestine Today"

 Faith, Hope, Love and Justice
Christian Voices from Palestine Today

 Special Guest Speakers from Palestine 2 - 19 July

 An Evening with Rifat Kassis

 Peace comes to the University Of Sydney

 US Jewish groups fear anti-Israel endorsement

 UK Methodist resolutions on Israel and Palestine "important and forward looking"

 Gaza: Citizen Voices from 26 Countries in Europe

 Israeli court jails ultra-orthodox parents over separate classes

 Naim Ateek, the founder and director of Sabeel, Jerusalem, spoke about the Kairos document at the Thornbury centre.

 The Central Committee of the Ecumenical Committee for Catechism in the Holy Land held its third general meeting at “Dar AnnAdwa Ad-Duwaliah”, in Bethlehem, and decided to include Kairos in the curriculum

 ‘Dear Prime Minister’Synod asks Canada to be "more constructive" about Middle East peace

 Illinois Methodists vote to divest from the occupation

 YWCAs in the Middle East condemning the assault on a Gaza-bound vessel

 Christian peace week, European flotilla pull focus to Holy Land

 Well Said: reflections from the General Assembly

 Call on Holy Land pilgrims to work for peace

 Palestinian and Jewish activists call to work for peace

 World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel begins, 31 May 2010

 In some 19 countries including Australia, Austria, Cuba, Ireland, Kenya, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Canada, and the United States will study the Kairos Palestine Document, a Palestinian Christian call to end the occupation that was issued in December 2009.

 Looking for peace with justice

 How our two Kairos connect...

 'Justice tourism' urged for visitors to Israel and Palestine

 From South Africa to Palestine, a message of peace and hope

 The Kairos Palestine Document

 A Norwegian weekly newspaper, Morgenbladet, published the entire Kairos document in Norwegian language in its Easter week edition on the 26th of March 2010. It's a newspaper that goes to about 100,000 readers, mostly intellectuals and politicians - people involved in public policy debates.

 Palestinians Deported To Gaza By Aljazeera

 21st Century Mass Expulsion by Nasim Ahmed

 Two authors of the Kairos Palestine document talk of the document's purpose and hope for the launch of the Norwegian Translation.

 Noam Chomsky speaks to Sabeel conference "Apartheid Paradigm Palestine-Israel."

 Asian Christian assembly heads for prophetic witness and reconciliation.

 KAIROS Palestine condemns this action and calls upon churches worldwide to advocate for the Christians.

 Kairos Palestine expresses its outrage and dismay about a new Israeli military order.

Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC) invited the Asian churches to respond to the Kairos document and to stand against injustice, violence and occupation.

 Bethlehem University Hosts Symposium on the Presence and Mission of Christians in the Middle East

Christian leaders call for 'permits' boycott

Jerusalem and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: challenges and debates

Palestinian Christians to be barred from Old City

Introductory meeting between the Palestinian Christian Initiative, “A Moment of Truth”, and the Embassy of Egypt in the Arab Palestinian National Authority on March 29, 2010

On Monday 29 March, Bishop Atallah Hanna, Rifat Kassis and Youssef Daher from the Palestinian Christian Initiative delivered the document "A Moment of Truth" to His Excellency the Egyptian Ambassador to the Palestinian National Authority, Mr. Yasser Osman. Explaining the contents of the document, they stressed its importance in maintaining the presence of Palestinian Christians and articulating the Palestinian struggle for justice and independence. The ambassador expressed his admiration for this historic document and its significance in influencing public opinion on both Arab and international levels. He also commented on the powerful timing of the document’s release and its positive impact on the current Palestinian cause, both in general and specifically on the issue of Jerusalem. He noted Bishop Attalla’s call for enriching and developing the dialogue between Christians and Muslims: such partnership is crucial at this very moment of the Palestinian struggle, given the unprecedented onslaught of settlements in Jerusalem and other Palestinian territories. The members of the initiative asked His Excellency the Ambassador to deliver the document to the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The Ambassador stated his readiness to organize a meeting between members of the initiative, the Egyptian government, and Al-Azhar in Egypt. (View images)

“The Israeli occupation is a sin against God”

Peace not walls, Kairos Palestine

Palestinians Demand Entry to Jerusalem without permits during the Holy Week of Easter

Kairos launch in Norway on the 25th of March

Christian Leaders from Bethlehem on Minnesota Speaking Tour

In response to "Moment of Truth" Norwegian Bishop to consider boycott Israeli goods.

Tor Berger Jørgensen, bishop of the Norwegian State Church region of Sør-Hålogaland says he will consider boycott of Israeli goods after visiting Palestine in January meeting political and religious leaders on a high level. After reading the document "Moment of Truth" were Palestinian Christians recommends boycott of Israeli goods, he says: "I have respect for their recommandation and this is something we have to consider seriously, he says to VG, Norways largest tabloid. Jørgensen is one of 11 bishops in the Norwegian State Church, which counts 80% of the Norwegian population as members.

In Norwegian

Kairos Palestine issues position statement on "Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions"

Emirates Tribune: KAIROS Palestine Condemns Israeli Act in Beit Sahour

The Free Library: KAIROS Palestine Condemns Israeli Act in Beit Sahour

Are boycotts and sanctions really effective? - By Yoni Eshpar, Haaretz

Protest to go on against Israeli occupation of Christian-owned land

Rabbis for Human Rights: Injustice in Beit Sahour

Injustice in Beit Sahour: A Statement by Kairos Palestine

KAIROS Palestine Condemns Israeli Act in Beit Sahour

Nicola Nasser's journal about Kairos Palestine


Launch of historic 'Kairos' document by Palestinian Christian Leaders

Just to note that the Kairos Palestine document is unrelated to KAIROS Canada. KAIROS here has some shared church and partner connections with the Kairos Palestine statement (notably Sabeel), but the two are not related. "Kairos" is a term used for statements and Christian movements worldwide who see justice as core to the Gospel. The movement began in South Africa and Central America and the tradition continues today.

The KAIROS funding cuts reason as given by Jason Kenney is bull

Theology and the Local Church in the Holy Land Conference

Rev. Dr Olav Tveit, WCC General Secretary and former co-moderator of the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum, discusses ecumenical perspectives for Kairos Palestine document. Click here to listen to the interview.

Press advisory: World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary on Palestine/Israel

Palestinian Christians in Israel searching for an identity

EAPPI News, 18 February 2010

The President and Vice President of the Methodist Conference - Revd David Gamble and Dr Richard Vautrey - Blog

Al Arabiya News Channel: Palestinian Christian priests call for non-violent resistance (comments)

Palestinian Church leaders call for justice, equality

Voice of Palestine [102.7 FM]

Launch of historic Palestine Kairos document by Palestinian Christian leaders

Jerusalem/London, 8 December 2009

Palestinian Christian priests call for non-violent resistance

Introduction to a radio interview with Louis Bohte

Click here to hear an audio interview with Mr. Yusef Daher, Executive Secretary, Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre - JIC. (Voice of Lebanon – Canada in Arabic)

Click here to hear an audio interview with Reverend Dr. Naim Ateek, a co-signatory of the document and founder of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center based in Jerusalem. (English)

The Alternative Information Center: Michel Sabbah, “Israeli Occupation Main Cause of Instability in the Middle East”

Life with Dignity: Kairos Palestine 5th Anniversary
From December 2–4, 2014, over 250 participants from Palestine and many other countries gathered in Bethlehem to commemorate the 5th anniversary of “A Moment of Truth: A Word of Faith, Hope, and Love from the Heart of Palestinian Suffering,” known as Kairos Palestine.

Kairos Palestine International Conference
To celebrate Kairos Palestine’s fifth anniversary of launching the document “A Moment of Truth”, we, in partnership with PIEF (Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum) and ATG (Alternative Tourism Group) will be holding an international conference and a series of events from December 2-6 2014, in Bethlehem.

Come and See: A Call from Palestinian Christians
A journey for peace with Justice Guidelines for Christians Contemplating a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land