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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ms. Lucy Thaljieh

Lucy Thaljieh is a Palestinian Christian born in Bethlehem. Lucy graduated in 2003 from Bethlehem University with a BA in Religious Studies and a minor in Translation and joined the Democracy & Human Rights program in Birseit. In June 2008 she finished her Masters degree in Human Rights and Democracy from Birzeit University.

Currently, she's working as a Women's Project Coordinator with Wi'am-Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center, an organization empowering Palestinian women through training and education. Wi'am is a grassroots organization strives alongside other democratic forces present in the larger Palestine community to build a democratic and just society. The Center aims to improve the quality of relationships by: addressing injustices rather than avenging them; dignifying persons on both sides of the conflict; promoting human rights and advocating for peace among all people.

her role as the Women's Project Coordinator includes scheduling and organizing various training, networking, advocacy organization of workshop training events. Recently she just concluded a project in 8 different locations in the West Bank that combined civil and vocational training with counseling to women from villages. She has also worked alongside the Swedish organization called Operation 1325 and in December they organized a conference in Jericho on which deal with UN Resolution 1325 (Women & Security).

She's also responsible for various youth cultural exchanges. As such she has trained youth and participate youth in various exchanges in Europe Italy, France, and Germany to name a few.

She enjoys her work because she's trying to make a positive change in her community. Being raised in a society inflicted because of the occupation and because of the mentality of patriarchy that exists. She's working to alleviate these instruments of oppression, realizing that patriarchy will not be transformed without the ending of the occupation. She also believes that women can play an active role in society in which we can achieve peace. She feels the pain of the occupation and has been impacted due to the mentality of patriarchy and she firmly believes that both of these things can be overcome so that all people can live with dignity, peace, and in equality.


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