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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kairos Brasil Palestine Document

September 28, 2013
Acknowledging the signs of the times is a gift of the prophets. Prophets, however, do not create with words or gestures the events that take place in history. There are times in which we expect the rising of signs to show us the imminence of God’s action in the world. This propitious time, a moment of truth, a time in which something meaningful happens is called in the Biblical tradition kairós. Palestinian sisters and brothers recognized in their context of rights violation, expropriation of land and apartheid a very specific kairós, in which God calls human beings to take a stand. It’s a new time in which God requires action, time of conversion.

We have also been waiting for the signs of God, his/her breath and the necessary courage to rise in prophetic solidarity. We have identified that the time has come for us, Brazilian Christians, to respond to the claim and calling for solidarity of Palestinian sisters and brothers, men and women, Christians, Arabs, Jews or from any other religious tradition, people confined to the territories illegally occupied by the State of Israel or people that are in the Diaspora, exiled, refugee in other countries, without rights and citizenship. Palestinian sisters and brothers have from the Christians in Brazil here represented the solidarity of whom, somehow, know what a time of rights denial means. We welcome and respond with solidarity and hope to the document “Kairós Palestine – The time of truth: from the midst of Palestinian suffering, a message of faith, hope and love”.

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